Lead from Your Core is an integrated, evidence-based, proven approach that builds skills, enhances key relationships, and helps you be your best and bring out the best in others.

Grounded in Intentional Change Theory, Emotional & Social Intelligence, Adult Development, Neuroscience, and my deeply held value of service, this approach works.

Core Approach

Clarify your Vital Vision – what you most want to do and how you most want to be.

Create capacity and confidence to realize your vision, with a plan to get you there – your Springboard for Growth.

Connect with the people who support you on your path, and the Spheres of Relationships in which you lead and live.

Our work together is client-governed, customized for you, and cultivates sustainable change.

Client-governed: You craft your goals and development agenda and commit your energy.

Customized: I co-create with you, supporting your agenda while helping you increase your comfort zone.

Cultivates sustainable change: Lead from your Core: Clarify-Create-Connect is an integrated approach that builds skills, enhances key relationships, and helps you sustain your well-being so you can be at your best and bring out the best in others.

Core Results
Senior executive leader transitioned through 3 General Manager roles of increasing scope, complexity and impact to improve employee engagement, and drive business transformation and growth. Executive secured a board position at a technology company and is now competitive for a C-Suite role.
Newly hired division president successfully integrated 2 newly acquired companies into a unified team with a shared purpose and identity. After less than 2 years, the president, with the support of an aligned team, delivered measurable business results and was promoted to a role of broader responsibility.

Senior high-potential leader increased emotional and social intelligence with peers and team. After just 3 months of coaching, leader was promoted to a high-stakes Vice President role. With continued coaching through the transition to the new role, the SVP claimed this executive made the best transition of any of the VPs he’s hired and is well regarded by new peers and direct report team.

Are you ready to make a greater difference for causes that matter to you and for the people who count on your leadership?

I can help you get there.